Photographing Artwork

Artwork Reproduction – Making Prints from Originals

No matter how stunning your original artwork might be or how good a printer and paper combination you choose for printing your images, you first need to accurately capture the colour and detail information in your image. Artwork photography is in many ways an art in itself, and getting your work photographed professionally in our studio will ensure you get the best possible results for your giclée prints.

We either scan or take high-resolution digital photographs of your image under carefully controlled lighting conditions. We then take that digital file and match the colours as close as we can to your original image and that enables us to create high-quality print reproductions to be made of your work. 

  • Daylight Colour Balanced Photography
  • Reflections removed from paint textures
  • High resolution image files for you to keep
  • Proof Print included
  • Safe storage of your images for future printing
  • Capturing any size of original work


Our first step is a quick consultation with you and your original artwork, to advise the best photography method and what kind of results you can expect from the photo session. We’ll choose the right lighting for your artwork to get the best reproductions of colour and detail, and removing any unwanted reflections.


We’ve put together a high-resolution camera, lens and lighting combination that produces accurate results for artwork reproductions, minimising digital noise and distortion whilst capturing the highest amount of detail possible from your original. We use white balance targets and daylight-balanced lighting to achieve consistent levels of colour accuracy.


Once we’ve captured the image in a raw format, we post-process each one by eye, looking for areas that need any specific retouching, as well as making advanced colour corrections. Many specific requests can be accommodated during the retouching process.

We stand by the quality of our photographic reproductions, enabling you to make professional giclée prints from your originals, in editions or one-offs. We’ll keep a copy of your image on file for at least a year, or longer on request, which means you can order prints once you’ve signed off your proof. You will also receive a high-resolution copy of your artwork image file.



≤A5 (14.8×21 cm) £10
A4 (21×29.7 cm) £15
A3 (29.7×42 cm) £20
A2 (42×59.4 cm) £30
≥A1 (59.4×84.1 cm) £50

* These sizes are rough guides as to what you can expect to be charged

Do you have pictures of your artwork and you are not sure if they are suitable to print? Check our Artwork Requirements information.


Being an artist sometimes is not easy but you are not alone. We are an art printing studio based in Gloucester Road, Bristol. If you are local come and visit us for advice in printing your artwork.